What is Addressable TV?

  • Addressable TV can deliver targeted ads on digital TV. Based on audience segmentation and various delivery technologies, it allows for personalized, household-specific ads. By personalizing advertisements, it only present viewers with contents that are most relevant to their preferences. This enables high-impact advertising with clickthrough rates significantly higher than those of regular advertising.

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Otwoo.tv is a brand that was formed through Castoola and Mangodo partnership, aiming to strengthen addressable TV advertising format in Turkey.

Castoola is a leading company in addressable TV advertising technology with its strong team. Mangodo connects its customers with digital marketing solutions and enables them to reach their goals with the right advertising and campaign strategies. Otwoo.tv that came out by combining the different fields of expertise of both companies, aims to provide advertisers unique TV advertising experiences.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about addressable TV. Please write to us.

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